Undergraduate Admissions

41 Readmission

(i) To UPEI
Students who have been absent from study for a period of 12 months are required to seek readmission through the regular application process. Students readmitted will follow the regulations and requirements as reflected in the Academic Calendar (Catalogue Year) in force in the semester to which they are readmitted (See Regulation #2 on time limit to complete, age of credits and eligibility for inclusion to fulfill current degree requirements). In addition, there may be specific and binding conditions to a student’s performance to ensure that the normal standards of the degree requirements are met.

Students who have been required to withdraw from UPEI or any other university or college may be considered for readmission or admission after they have spent at least 12 months away from university. A student readmitted after being required to withdraw from UPEI or any other university will automatically be on academic probation.

(ii) Students Dismissed from Other Institutions
Students who have been academically dismissed from any other university or college will not be admitted to UPEI during the year following their dismissal or, if already admitted, will have their admission cancelled. Students may reapply for admission after at least one year away from formal academic study.


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