Undergraduate Admissions

16 How to Apply

1.  Create a UPEI account and complete the application form

  • Create a UPEI account.
  • Complete the online application form and submit the application fee.
  • Some programs require a slightly different process: professional programs (Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Radiography) and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program.

2.  Submit your supporting documentation

  • Send your transcript(s) by one of the following ways:
    • Attach documents to your online application.
    • Mail documents to the UPEI Registrar’s Office, 550 University Avenue, Charlottetown PEI, C1A 4P3.
    • MyCreds: If you have a MyCreds/MesCertif, My eQuals, or Digitary CORE account you can share your digital documents with us by selecting the second ‘Share’ option: “Send my documents to a Registered Organization”, and then select “University of Prince Edward Island” in the ‘Recipient’ field.
    • Fax your documents to (902) 566-0795.
    • Deliver your documents to the UPEI Registrar’s Office, second floor of Dalton Hall, 550 University Avenue, Charlottetown.
  • Some programs require supplemental documents. Check your UPEI account application for details.

You’ll receive a message confirming your submission. We’ll send another email message and a letter after we review your application materials.

1. The applicant is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the application.
2. Applicants who conceal any previous academic records are liable for dismissal from the University.
3. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant.
4. Applicants may be required to provide medical evidence of their fitness to pursue university studies.

Application Deadlines
Documentation for all applicants (except for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Education, Nursing, Radiography—see appropriate section) should be complete by 1 August, if applying to the Fall semester, or by 1 December, if applying to the Winter semester.

Application Fee
These fees must accompany each application for admission to all undergraduate programs and professional programs:

  • Canadian   $50.00
  • International   $50.00
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine   $75

Residence Application Information
Residence application forms can be obtained at http://upei.ca/residence. Applicants are reminded that acceptance to residence is no guarantee of acceptance to the University, nor is acceptance to the University a guarantee to acceptance to residence.


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