Undergraduate Admissions

35 Pre-Veterinary Medicine Stream

The Faculty of Science is pleased to offer a pre-veterinary stream that provides students with an opportunity to meet the course requirements to be eligible to apply to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at the Atlantic Veterinary College.

The pre-vet stream is an advising structure that helps guide future applicants to the DVM program and supports progress toward a Bachelor of Science degree. To ensure students are also working toward a degree program, and receiving appropriate advising throughout their studies, pre-vet students will be admitted into the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology Life Sciences Specialization.

Please note: Admission to the DVM program is competitive. Each year many students apply for one of the seats available in the program. Students who enter the pre-veterinary stream are not guaranteed entry into the DVM program. As well, since a student’s application to the DVM program is assessed on other criteria besides grades, potential DVM applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the veterinary admissions section of the calendar for a complete description of DVM admission requirements.


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