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97 Scholarships and Awards

UPEI supports their students and their educational goals.  We offer competitive tuition rates and administer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students every year.  Students can be automatically considered for academic or departmental funding, as well as apply separately for hundreds of annual awards based on coursework, work or volunteerism, and need.

Celebrating Student Achievement Awards

The program—including Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships for domestic direct from high school students and Academic Excellence Awards for current UPEI students completing their first undergraduate degree— rewards students’ academic excellence automatically upon entrance to, as well as throughout their studies at UPEI. Students must maintain full-time registration status, full-time defined as a minimum of 9 (nine) semester hours of credit in each of the fall and winter semesters (September and January) to be eligible for consideration and receipt of the scholarship funding.

Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship and Academic Excellence Award

Admissions Average for Guaranteed Entrance Or Weighted Average for Academic Excellence

Guaranteed Scholarship Funding
95 – 100 % $ 3,000
90 – 94.99 % $ 2,000
85 – 89.99 % $ 1,000
80 – 84.99 % $ 500
Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship for IB Diploma Graduates (Domestic)

Guaranteed Entrance For IB Diploma Domestic Students (Final IB Diploma Score)

Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship Funding

36-45 $ 3,000
32-35 $ 2,000
29-31 $ 1,000
27-28 $ 500














International Entrance Awards

International students are automatically considered for undergraduate entrance scholarships based on their admission to UPEI; any offer would be outlined on their admission letter, for first year of studies.  If it is their first undergraduate degree, international students are also eligible in upper years of study for the Celebrating Student Achievement awards based on academic success while at UPEI.

Applying For Scholarships

Scholarships that require separate application have a deadline as outlined on the application form.  Additional material including personal statements, financial need forms, or references may also be required.  Application packages must be postmarked on or before the deadline; if the date falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the scholarship deadline moves to the next business day.

All current students at the university are welcome to apply for any of the awards they may qualify for during each semester: there is the First Semester Award Cycle which has an annual deadline of October 1 and our Second Semester Award Cycle which has an annual deadline of February 1.  Depending on faculty, program or year of study, students are also able to search the List of Scholarships for available awards. Further information and application forms are available by clicking on the scholarship name.

Our Scholarships and Awards website also details different funding opportunities that are available both internally from UPEI, external resources, as well as government financial aid programs.


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