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56 Arts Seminars

Co-ordinator: Philip Smith

First-year students seeking the challenge of in-depth examination of a theme in the humanities and social sciences, and enhancement of academic reading, writing, thinking, and oral presentation skills in a supportive seminar environment, are invited to consider enrolling in Arts 1010. These first-year seminars are led by selected third- and fourth-year students who are well prepared in the content area and with skills in seminar leadership. Both Arts 1010 and Arts 4000 are graded on a pass/fail basis.

In this course, first-year students explore a theme in the humanities and social sciences in seminars led by pairs of selected third- or fourth-year Arts students. Theme topics vary from section to section of the course and are available on the University website and from the Co-ordinator. Multiple opportunities are presented for careful reading, participation in class discussions, oral presentations, and written work.
Enrolment is limited to a maximum of 14 students to enhance prospects for full engagement in the academic content of the seminar, in development of academic skills, and in community-building.
PREREQUISITE: Permission of the Co-ordinator
Three hours a week; Three semester hours of credit

Taught by faculty members from across the Faculty of Arts, this course offers students the opportunity to explore topics and controversies that define our contemporary world. Students will learn about and draw upon various fields of study within the Faculty of Arts. The instructors will determine the focus for each course, for example utopias and dystopias, prisons and prisoners, revolutions, travel and migration, sports and entertainment, science fiction/science fact, social media, celebrities and scandals, environmental challenges, good courts and famines, love and labour, religious faith and scientific knowledge, money and power, the future of work and play.
Limited to first-year Arts students and an enrolment of twenty-five.
Three semester hours of credit

In this course, pairs of selected third- or fourth-year students lead seminars for first-year students, exploring a theme in the humanities and social sciences. Seminar leaders propose to the Co-ordinator a theme for their semester-long seminar; develop, with appropriate faculty consultation, a proposed seminar syllabus, including reading lists, assignments, and class activities; lead a first-year seminar of 12 to 14 students; provide feedback on assignments; and assign a grade to students. Seminar leaders participate in workshops prior to the first semester, and, during the first semester, in a one-hour-per-week seminar with other student leaders and a faculty member, to address integration and analysis of the subject matter under consideration and to develop pedagogical skills in seminar design, active learning, responding to oral and written presentations, and shaping the classroom environment.
PREREQUISITE: Third-or fourth-year standing in Arts and permission of the instructor
Three-hour seminar a week
Six semester hours of credit

This course for graduating Arts students examines the principles, purpose, and history of a liberal arts education. Students examine the place of the liberal arts outside the university setting and complete a career portfolio.
Cross-listed with English 4010.
PREREQUISITES: Fourth-year standing in Arts or permission of the instructor


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