2022-23 Academic Calendar Cover Notes


Academic Calendar

Office of the Registrar
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
C1A 4P3

Admissions 902-566-0439
Transcripts 902-566-0684
Fax: 902-566-0795
Email: registrar@upei.ca
Web: http://upei.ca/registrar


  1. Contents of this calendar are subject to continuing review;
  2. Students, upon registering, agree to be, and shall be, bound by the regulations and policies of the University of Prince Edward Island as published in the Academic Calendar or otherwise enacted by the University;
  3. The University of Prince Edward Island reserves the right to alter anything described herein without notice, and every student registering shall be deemed to have agreed to any such alteration whether made before or after said registration. This agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Prince Edward Island. Any action or proceeding for relief under this contract shall be brought in the Province of Prince Edward Island;
  4. The University of Prince Edward Island does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or interruption of classes suffered by a student as a result of strikes, lockouts, weather, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the University.
  5. UPEI reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant.


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