Undergraduate Admissions

22 Bachelor of Environmental Studies

(i) Introduction:

The objective of the Bachelor of Environmental Studies program at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is to equip students as global citizens, with the tools to understand the environmental connections across academic fields, to critically analyze complex environmental issues, and to lead the way in innovation toward sustainable solutions. Environmental issues typically do not respect traditional academic boundaries and require scientific, technical, human and social perspectives to address. As an interdisciplinary liberal arts and science program, the Bachelor of Environmental Studies will provide students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge across faculties of Arts, Science, and Business. In the classroom, in the field and in the community, students will explore how they can make a positive impact toward sustainability in their personal lives, communities and globally.

(ii) Admission Requirements:

Successful completion of Grade 12 examinations in a University Preparatory Program with an overall average of at least 70% (75% for Quebec Secondary V students) in the following subjects:

Grade 12 Academic English;
one Grade 12 Academic Social Studies or Grade 12 Academic Language;
any 3 other Grade 12 Academic courses.

Grade 12 Academic Mathematics and High school Chemistry are recommended.


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