Undergraduate Admissions

17 Admission Requirements (Arts, Business and Science) – From High School

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSC), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

(i) Canadian Education System

High School Graduates

Successful completion of Grade 12 examinations (academic) in a University Preparatory Program with an overall average of at least 70% (75% for Quebec Secondary V students) in the following subjects:

Bachelor of Arts

Grade 12 Academic English,
one Grade 12 Academic Social Studies or Grade12 Academic Language,
and any three other Grade 12 Academic courses.

Grade 12 Academic Math is recommended.
Note: Grade 12 Academic Math is a prerequisite for some first-year Arts courses.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Grade 12 Academic English,
Grade 12 Academic Mathematics,
any two Grade 12 Academic Social Studies, Grade 12 Academic Languages or Grade 12 Academic Sciences,
and one other Grade 12 Academic course.

Bachelor of Science

Grade 12 Academic English
Grade 12 Academic Mathematics
two Grade 12 Academic Science subjects (acceptable subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Oceanography, Animal Science, Environmental Science)
one additional Grade 12 Academic course

Introductory Science course at UPEI with a high school prerequisites =  Chemistry 1110 requires grade 12 Chemistry or equivalent.

Social Studies electives include the following: Economics, Global Issues, Canadian and PEI History, and Advanced Political Science.

Applications will be considered from students who have completed programs of study in CEGEP, Community Colleges, or CAAT. Transfer credits, if any, will be considered on an individual basis.

Admission During Grade 11 Year

Grade 11 students are eligible to apply to UPEI for admission to Bachelors’ degrees in Arts, Business or Science to begin their University studies in the Fall after their Grade 12 year of High School. This early offer of admission is based on academic course results from Grade 11. Applicants who have a 75% average in the academic pathway subjects from their Grade 11 year are eligible to receive an offer of admission in advance of their Grade 12 year. Students are encouraged to apply after the first semester of their Grade 11 year.

Students are required to submit an updated transcript before March 1st (after the first semester) of their Grade 12 year for Scholarship review and to confirm that registration prerequisites will be satisfied.

Admission from Grade 11

This is for the exceptional student with at least 85% in Grades 10 and 11, who is highly recommended by the school (at least two letters), and who has written parental permission. Students with special aptitudes who may not have 85% will also be considered.


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