Undergraduate Admissions

18 Gateway Program

Students under any category of admission may make application to attend the Gateway Program (GP). The GP provides extra support and encouragement to students and is available to both recent high school graduates and mature students registered in the program. Given the nature of the program, it is mandatory for students entering direct from high school with an academic admission average below 70% and optional for all other students who are interested in additional supports.

Required Participation

Admission requirements

Successful completion of 5 Grade 12 academic subjects that satisfy regular undergraduate admission requirements with an average of at least 65% – 69.9%

Gateway Program students who enter the University with a 65-69.9% average must:

  • enrol in 1, 2, or 3 academic courses in each semester of their first academic year of study,
  • attend mandatory mentoring sessions for the academic year
  • attend mandatory tutorial and other support programs as provided for the academic year

Optional Participation

Students can self-declare interest in this program. This optional participation is open to:

  • students who are transfer Students from other Universities and Colleges
  • students being admitted under an articulation agreement
  • students who are at least 21 years of age or older and out of school for at least 3 years; or
  • students who satisfy regular admission requirements and self-identify as needing extra support and services

Students who choose to participate in the Gateway Program can opt for:

  • student mentoring sessions
  • class tutorials
  • one-on-one support from the Coordinator of the GP

NOTE: GP students are subject to the same Academic Regulations as all students at UPEI.


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