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74 Integrated Studies

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) program is a 90-credit degree designed to accommodate the personal, educational, and career goals of adult students, most of whom already possess diverse learning and who study part-time.

The structure is flexible while ensuring that students receive both depth and breadth of knowledge within their studies. The student achieves depth through choosing a concentration of at least 8 courses in an area of interest. Breadth comes through the completion of a required and recommended core of basic courses ranging from literature and communication skills to philosophy and leadership, and by pursuing a diversity of offerings to satisfy personal intellectual curiosity.


AREA OF CONCENTRATION (24 semester-hours)
Students must complete an area of concentration totalling 8 courses or 24 semester-hours. One course at the 3000 level and one course at the 4000 level. A further 8 courses at the senior (3000 and 4000) level are required for graduation. Not more than 12 courses or 36 semester-hours can be at the introductory (1000) level. Several additional courses are recommended, depending on individual learning plans. At least 30 semester-hours must be at the 3000 level or above, with a grade of 65% in at least 7 of the 10 courses completed at the senior level.

NOTE: As per Academic Regulation #1 h), all undergraduate degree programs require successful completion of IKE-1040, one of UPEI-1010, 1020 or 1030, and a Writing Intensive Course.

REQUIRED COURSES (12 semester hours)
One of UPEI 1010, 1020, or 1030; And one writing intensive course, AND IKE 1040
Integrated Studies 1930: Creating a Career and Learning Portfolio

Students are required to explain and reflect on their course choices when they establish their learning plan. However, the need to ensure coherence in study should not restrict students from intellectual exploration, or from addressing conspicuous gaps in knowledge unrelated to their primary learning objectives. One of the primary roles of the BIS Coordinator is to help ensure that the course choices are balanced, and the overall outcomes of a well-rounded degree program are achieved.

A number of courses are identified as forming the foundation of a university career. These are recommended rather than required to allow flexibility in devising learning plans with students. Academic advisors give priority to these courses.

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies requirements include:

  • 33 semester-hours (11 courses) at the senior level: nine 3000-4000 level courses in any subject, one 3000 level course in the concentration, and one 4000 level course in the concentration.
  • A grade of 65% in at least 7 of the 11 courses completed at this senior level
  • Not more than 36 semester-hours (12 courses) at the preparatory (1000) level
  • 6 semester-hours in One of UPEI 1010, UPEI 1020, or UPEI 1030 and a writing intensive course
  • Integrated Studies 1930: Creating a Career and Learning Portfolio

Program PLAR at the University of Prince Edward Island provides for assessment and recognition of prior learning (PLAR) through portfolio assessment. Learners must demonstrate equivalency of their learning from sources other than formal study to the outcomes expected of a student who is completing the degree through course work. For more information on the role of PLAR, contact the BIS Coordinator.

Students may choose from a broad range of courses, according to their area of concentration and with academic advice.

This course is designed to review and clarify a student’s learning and career objectives, and to document and demonstrate experiential learning. Learners understand the various purposes of portfolios; know the conventions of developing and professionally presenting a portfolio; and are capable of articulating acquired learning in job descriptions or degree requirements.
Cross-listed with Education 3190 and University 1930.
Three semester hours


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