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6 Governance and Structure

The University is governed by a Board of Governors and a Senate, instituted under the terms of the provincial University Act. The twenty-six-member Board consists of nine members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council; the Chancellor of the University; the President of the University; the President of Holland College; two members elected from the Senate; two members elected from the faculty; two members elected from the alumni; two members elected from the student body; and six members elected by the Board.

The Senate is composed of the President of the University; the Vice-Presidents of the University; the Deans of Faculties and Schools; the Registrar; the University Librarian and Director of the Office of Skills Development and Learning; six members of the student body, at least one of whom is a mature or part-time student, or both; the President of the Student Union; one member of the Board of Governors; one member of the Alumni Association; and twenty-two members elected from the full-time teaching faculty.

The courses offered by the University lead to degrees in Arts, Science, Business Administration, Education, Music, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, and Radiography. At its Convocation Exercises in May 2017, the University conferred 686 bachelor degrees, 64 DVM degrees, 134 master degrees, 10 doctoral degrees, 20 diplomas, and 26 certificates.

The University of Prince Edward Island is divided into the faculties of Arts, Business, Nursing, Science, Education, and Veterinary Medicine, and the schools of Mathematical and Computational Sciences and Sustainable Design Engineering. The schools of Sustainable Design Engineering and Mathematical and Computational Sciences fall under the Faculty of Science.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in all UPEI faculties.


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