Undergraduate Admissions

44 Admission as an Unclassified Student

  • Individuals are permitted to register in undergraduate courses at UPEI, without having to apply to, or be admitted to a specific program of study. This admission (permission to register) status is processed through the UPEI Application portal.
  • A student who wishes to register as an Unclassified Student must submit a completed application form, and application fee, and register in courses by the registration deadlines specified in the Calendar. This type of enrolment is described below:
  • The student is permitted to register but is not admitted to a specific program of study at the University. Previously admitted students may register as Unclassified Students, but such registration does not constitute readmission to the University.
  • Students who have been required to withdraw from this or any other post-secondary institution within the last 12 months are not permitted to register as an Unclassified Student.
  • Transcripts of previous post-secondary work, and proof of English Language Proficiency, must be presented to the Registrar’s Office if requested.
  • Prerequisites must be met where applicable. Checking for prerequisites is the student’s responsibility.
  • The student is subject to an initial maximum registration limit of 10 three-credit courses as an Unclassified Student. To register in additional courses as Unclassified, a student must seek permission from the Registrar’s Office and may be required to meet with an Academic Advisor prior to registration being processed.
  • Summer Session Unclassified Students may enrol in a maximum of two courses (six semester-hours) per session. Fall/Winter Unclassified Students will need special permission from the Registrar’s Office, to enrol in more than two courses per semester (maximum of five).
  • An Unclassified Student may apply for admission to the Fall or Spring Semester before the published deadlines through one of the approved admission routes. If an Unclassified Student applies to a program/faculty for a specific semester (Fall/Spring), the student cannot be registered for that same semester as an Unclassified Student.
  • Upon admission to a specific program, courses completed as an Unclassified Student may be counted toward the student’s program, subject to Academic Regulations and the appropriate rules of the faculty/school.


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