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8 Academic Costume

University gowns should be of black worsted or similar material with full sleeves, and reach to within twelve inches of the floor. Graduates of the University of Prince Edward Island shall be permitted to wear the University hood, with borders coloured as follows:

Bachelor of Arts: White

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Journalism: Crimson

Bachelor of Integrated Studies: Silver Gray

Bachelor of Business Administration: Drab

Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality: Burgundy

Bachelor of Business Studies: Red

Bachelor of Education: Light Blue

Bachelor of Music: Pink

Bachelor of Music Education: Mauve

Bachelor of Science: Golden Yellow

Bachelor of Science in Applied Climate Change & Adaptation: Golden Yellow and Aquamarine

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology: Fuchsia

Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine: Maroon with Royal Blue

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering: Orange

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Apricot

Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiography: Blue and Gold

Bachelor of Child and Family Studies: Gold and Purple

Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation: Russet

Bachelor of Environmental Studies: Olive Green

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Grey

Master of Education: Light Blue Velvet

Master of Science: Golden Yellow Velvet

Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering: Orange Velvet

Master of Veterinary Science: Peacock Velvet

Master of Arts: White Velvet

Master of Applied Health Services Research: Royal Blue Velvet

Master of Business Administration: Drab Velvet

Master of Nursing: Apricot Velvet

Master in Global Affairs:  Light Blue Velvet with Gold piping

Doctor of Philosophy: Grey and Green Velvet

Doctor of Psychology:  Gold Velvet


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