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87 Public Administration

Susan C. Graham


The University of Prince Edward Island, through the Faculty of Business, offers an interdisciplinary program of studies leading to a Certificate and a Diploma in Public Administration. The program is intended for working federal, provincial, and municipal public servants who wish to prepare themselves for higher administrative and management positions. Others with similar interests may apply. Every effort is made to schedule the compulsory and elective courses for the program at times convenient for those employed.

Admission requirements to the Certificate and Diploma Programs are as for the Faculty of Business.

The UPEI Public Administration program has three basic objectives:
-to develop, along with specific skills, an understanding of the interpersonal and interorganizational roles of an individual within the public service;
-to assist in the training and development of individuals for policy and administrative positions in the public service; and
-to equip individuals with knowledge and techniques for efficient and effective decision making.


The Certificate program is designed and intended for advancement to the middle management in the public service. To qualify for a Certificate, a student must complete ten (10) three semester-hour courses for a total of thirty (30) semester hours. Eight (8) of the three semester hour courses are compulsory and two (2) are chosen from the list of approved electives.

Organizational Behaviour – Business 1710
Introductory Microeconomics- Economics 1010
Introductory Macroeconomics – Economics 1020
UPEI 1010 AND a writing intensive course
Professional Writing – English 3810
Canadian Politics I: Government – Political Science 2010
Law Politics and the Judicial Process I – Political Science 2110
Canadian Public Administration – Political Science 3110


The Diploma program is designed and intended for more advanced Public Administration education. To qualify for a Diploma, a student must complete an additional ten (10) three semester hour courses beyond the Certificate. Six (6) of the additional three semester hour courses are compulsory and four (4) are chosen from the list of approved electives. In addition, candidates for the Diploma in Public Administration must satisfy the coordinator that they have completed a public service work experience of four months, full-time, in a public administration environment.

Human Resource Management – Business 2720
Communications – Business 4610
Organizational Development and Change – Business 4710
Canadian Economic Problems – Economics 3040
Canadian Federalism – Political Science 3020
Canadian Public Policy – Political Science 3140

Electives from the following list may be selected for either the Certificate or the Diploma requirement but an elective cannot be used for both Certificate and Diploma.

Certificate and Diploma Electives
Management Information Systems – Business 2410
Industrial Relations – Business 3720
Business Law I– Business 3010
Business Law II – Business 3020
Postwar Prince Edward Island – History 4890
The Canadian Experience – Canadian Studies 3010 and 3020
Public Finance – Economics 4120
Politics and Government of Prince Edward Island – Political Science 2020
Law, Politics and the Judicial Process II – Political Science 2120
Canadian Provincial Politics: A Comparative Perspective – Political Science 3220
Public Policy in Small Island Jurisdictions – Political Science 4140

Any one of the following statistics courses:
Introductory Statistics – Statistics 1210
Statistics and Research Design I – Psychology 2780
Methodology and Research I – Sociology 3310
Introduction to Management Science – Business 2510

The substitution of one university credit course not now in the listing of elective courses which is directly related to the present work of the applicant may be permitted with the approval of the program coordinator.


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